Spain - Aragon - SNP - May 2002

Below you will find a list of pictures (approximately 50), taken on the Aragon trip organized by SNP from May 5 2002 to May 19 2002.
The most interesting images have a red bullet in front of them. In a hurry? Just want to see the pictures? Check out the slide show.
Most of the days we kept track of how much time we spent walking. This is excluding the time for breaks.

May 5: Home - Pau

On the first day of our trip, we went by night train from the Netherlands to Pau (France).

May 6: On the way to Santa Cruz de las Seros

In Pau a coach awaited us to take us to Santa Cruz de las Seros via Jaca (where we stopped to visit the medieval castle). On our way over there, we passed through the Pyrenees where the weather was pretty bad. In the afternoon we made a little trip to the Monatery of San Juan de la Peña.
This day we walked approximately 2h30m.

May 7: Santa Cruz de las Seros to Santa Maria de La Peña

Rain was pooring down when we started walking and it remained that way all day... We passed through Botaya where we took a wrong turn. After 2 hours our guide finally decided to go back and take a different route. But that turned out to be the wrong one too. This time we turned back after 45 minutes to arrive in Botaya for the third time... There a very friendly Spanish man called Fidel let us shelter in his house by the fireplace while we waited for some cars to pick us up and drive us to Santa Maria de La Peña. He also offered us a local brandy like wine.
This day we walked approximately 5h30m.

May 8: Santa Maria de La Peña - Riglos - Santa Maria de La Peña

It started to rain again just after we started walking on the fourth day. The plan was to walk from Santa Maria de La Peña to Riglos and take the train back. We walked too fast (and took a shortcut) so we arrived in Riglos way too early. Because that meant we had to wait for the train for almost 4 hours we decided to walk back. In the afternoon we could enjoy some dry spells! A dog joined us at Riglos and followed us all the way to Santa Maria de La Peña. Just before we arrived at our hostel, a car pulled over and asked us whether the dog had joined us in Riglos. When he heard that that indeed was the case, he took the dog in his car and brought him home. In the guest book of the hostel, we read we weren't the first group he had joined to walk all the way from Riglos to Santa Maria de La Peña...
This day we walked approximately 6h30m.

May 9: Around Agüero

Change of plan. In stead of walking from Salinas de Jaca to Agüero our guide decided to head for Agüero and walk around the hills there and move the original fifth day to the sixth and skip the original route of day 6 entirely because of the weather. In the afternoon the weather finally started to improve a bit. We even had some sunshine. Many vultures around Agüero. At one time we saw 55 of them in the air at the same time!
This day we walked approximately 3 hours.

May 10: Salinas de Jaca to Agüero

A coach took us up to Salinas de Jaca from where we walked back to Agüero. We thanked our guide for pushing this route one day back in the schedule. It was a very nice route through rocky hills and through a W-shaped pass that we wouldn't have wanted to miss and the day before the weather just would have been too bad to enjoy this route. Today just windy, but again some sunshine too.
This day we walked approximately 3h30m.

May 11: Agüero to Loarre

Sunshine! Finally... Again a beautiful route with views of the Mallos de Riglos, Mirador de los Buitres and even the Pyrenees in the distance. We spent the night in a luxurious hotel in Loarre.
This day we walked approximately 6h15m.

May 12: Around Alquézar

At Breakfast Arjen found out his birthday was no secret as he had thought. His chair was decorated and he even got a present (a 'call it lunch' voucher since he was always the first person to request a rest to have lunch...). No visit to the castle of Loarre as was planned (that was saved for the next stop in Loarre), but straight to Alquézar, a lovely small town. In the afternoon we took a trip to the hills and did some souvenir hunting.
This day we walked approximately 2h40m.

May 13: Around Alquézar: Sierra de Guara

First some shopping for lunch equipment. Alquézar is the first town where we have this opportunity. In all other towns we either arrived too late in the afternoon or there just wasn't any shop. When we started walking we were joined by a stray dog who kept walking with us until we were almost back in Alquézar again. Then we lost him. Some of us were searching for him while others returned to Alquézar. Luckily the both groups had a mobile phone so the ones in Alquézar could notify the search posse that the dog had taken a shortcut and had already arrived in Alquézar... During this trip, some of the group decided to walk an extra 30 minutes so they could see some prehistoric wallpaintings. When we heared they could hardly be seen we were glad we had taken a rest.
This day we walked approximately 5h5m.

May 14: Bierge to Las Almunias

Long journey through the Peonara (beautiful blue and green water which we had to wade across) and the hills close to Las Almunias...
This day we walked approximately 5h35m.

May 15: Las Almunias - Rodellar - Sierra de Balces - Las Almunias

The guide decided to walk the route in the opposite direction for which Arjen was especially thankful since it meant a steep climb of over 700m (2300ft.), but an easy descent, which was certainly more pleasant for his sore knees. On the way up we had a good view of the Pyrenees.
This day we walked approximately 5 hours.

May 16: Rodellar to San Urbez

This day started with a beatiful canyon at with a lot of vultures in the sky. Later on we passed through some deserted villages before arriving at the monastery of San Urbez.
This day we walked approximately 7h10m.

May 17: San Urbez to Belsue

The last day of walking! We decided to wait for the coach to pick us up at the one of the first villages we encountered. The coach then took us to Loarre.
This day we walked approximately 4h35m.

May 18/19: Loarre - Pau - Home

We started the day with a trip to the beautiful castle of Loarre. Very nice view of the valley. We returned to Loarre and were taken by coach through the Pyrenees to Pau again where we took the night train back to the Netherlands again.
This day we walked approximately 1h10m hours.
This makes for a total of 58h30m for this holiday!