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Italy - Vale di Sole snow shoe walking - SNP - February/March 2017
Below you will soon find a list of pictures, taken on our snow shoe walking trip to Italy - Vale di Sole organized by SNP from February 25 to March 4 2017.
The most interesting images will have a red bullet in front of them. In a hurry? Just want to see the pictures? Check out the slide show.
February 25: Home - Cogolo di Pejo
We got up early as we had to take the 7am train. Fortunately for us we could take the ICE from our home town. 3 others from the group were on the same train already. In Arnhem 7 others joined. The remaining 2 had their own transport to Pejo. We had to switch trains in Duisburg and München. Just after 7.30pm we arrived in Bolzano. After a short while a small bus drove up that took us for the 90 minutes drive to Cogolo di Pejo / Hotel Ortles. We had dinner and went to bed, tired from doing nothing much all day.
February 26: Lago di Pian Palù
After a good breakfast we received our lunchbag. We packed our stuff and by 9.30 we were ready to depart. Minus one who hadn't paid attention and thought we'd be leaving by 9.45... Someone went to her room to get her so we were finally set to go.
We were joined by 2 Italian ladies and were driven to the start of the trail at 1.550m / 5,085 ft. The first meters were normal walking. Then we put on our snow shoes and continued on the snow. It was a bit getting used to a new way of walking, but certainly not uncomfortable. We zigzagged up through a forest and reached our highest point for the day at 1.950m / 6,397 ft. The path went slowly downhill from there, all the way to a frozen lake: Lago di Pian Palù. After that we got a cup of Glühwein. We continued for a short while and then walked on the main road for the last half hour - without the snow shoes of course.
By 4.45 we returned at the hotel. We changed into our bathing suits and went to the sauna and whirl pool for a bit of relaxing.
Dinner was served at 8.15 and after that we went to bed.
This day we walked approximately 4h20m.
February 27: Malga Val Comasen
Breakfast was at 7.30 and afther that we prepared our daypack. At 9 we were driven to Pejo Fonti. The path went up steeply from the start so we put on our snow shoes right away. We had great views of the hills and a ski slope on the other side of the valley. We kept zigzagging up through the forest and by noon we stopped for lunch at Malga Val Comasen (2.090m / 6,857 ft.). A wonderful spot in the sunlight. From there it went slightly downhill and then up again to a nice viewpoint at 2.120m / 6,955 ft. There we had glühwein and then down down down through sometimes quite deep snow. The last part we had to walk on the road again without our snow shoes. Around 4.10 we arrived in Comasine. In 2 groups we returned to the hotel. Like the day before we changed into our bathing suits and went to the sauna and whirl pool. Before dinner we discussed the program for the next day with our local guide and hotel owner Giulio. We would have two options and depending on the weather (they were predicting snow) we owuld decide the next day. We had a good meal again and after that we went to bed.
This day we walked approximately 4h55m.
February 28: Malga del Dosso
Around 9 we were driven to Ossana. After a hsort walk we put on our snow shoes and after a while at the same altitude, the path headed up.It was snowing throughout the day. This meant little opportunity for views, but the snow covered trees were very beautiful too. Shortly after 11.30 we arrived at Malga del Dosso - an abandoned house where we had a bite. After that we went up some more - quite heavy ploughing through the fresh snow. Around 1.950m / 6,400 ft. we decided to turn around as there was zero chance of any decent view from higher up and went back to Malga del Dosso. There we had lunch - quite late, it was already 1.30. Lunch ended with glühwein. We walked back to Ossana via the road. Around 3.30 we arrived back at the minibus. Back at the hotel we had to wait for a while: sauna and whirl pool would not be open until 4.30.
Arjen tasted one of the local beers. Quite good! We chatted with some of the group in the bar after dinner and then went to bed.
This day we walked approximately 4h20m.
March 1: Lago Monte
During the night we had heard the snow ploughs. Quite a bit of fresh snow! We left around 9am and arrived near Cellentino by 9.20. It was beautiful with all the fresh snow and sunlight. But quite tough ploughing through the deep snow. After a few breaks we arrived at the peak cross of Lago Monte (2.068m / 6,785 ft.) around noon. We took our time to enjoy the wonderful views. From there we went up a bit more, but it was very tough as the snow sometimes come up to your hips. Around 1.30pm we reached the highest point for the day at 2.245m / 7,365 ft. After that it was only downhill. Sometimes not very steep, but mostly quite steep. Around 2.30pm we arrived at Malga Campo. We had roles and glühwein in the sun. And then we went al the way down to the minibus where we arrived at 4.20pm.
This evening we had a fixed menu of local specialties. Vey good.
This day we walked approximately 4h30m.
March 2: Cimon di Bolentina
We left the hotel at 8.30am as it would be a 40 minutes drive to Bolentina. We departed at 1.320m / 4,331 ft. Up up up... to Malga di Bolentina Bossa (1.620m / 5,315 ft.) for our first break. Around noon we arrived at Bivacco Marinelli (2.070m / 6,791 ft). After a quick bite, most of the group went up to the top of Cimon di Bolentina. The last part was via a rope Giulio fixed for us. Around 12.50 we arrived at the top: 2.285m / 7,497 ft! After taking a picture of the whole group, we slowly went down again to Bivacco Marinelli to have lunch - and glühwein of course. We went slowly down from there. As the snow was getting a bit slushy because of the sun, it wasn't very easy. By 4pm we arrived at the bus and by 5pm we returned at the hotel. After the sauna and whirl pool we had dinner and a drink in the bar.
This day we walked approximately 4h10m.
March 3: Malga Pozze
We left the hotel around 9am and arrived at the starting point - just outside Ortisé (1.770m / 5,807 ft.) around 9.35am. The plan was to only ascend some 500m / 1,640 ft. but apparently we went fast as we arrived at a shed near what was supposed to be the highest point around noon. Giulio asked if we wnated to go up a bit more and everyone joined. Eventually we reached 2.337m / 7,667 ft. but it was quite steep and tough. We then went down again to Malga Pozze (2.237 / 7,339 ft.) where we had a late lunch. Then we went down to Malga Vallenaia (2.112m / 6,929 ft.) where we had stollen and glühwein. After that we went quite a bit cross country and finally steeply down to the bus where we arrived around 3.30pm. Patricia collected the tips for Giulio. We dropped our stuff in our room and when to the local grocery store for lunch and such for the way home. After that we packed our backpacks for the trip home. We had our last dinner in the hotel and then Giulio presented us a locally distilled schnapps. Each of us also received a pair of very nice gloves. Arjen gave a "thank you" speech and handed Giulio his tip - well deserved, he was a great guide and pleasant patron of the hotel!
This day we walked approximately 3h55m. This makes for a total of approximately 26h10m for this holiday!
March 4: Cogolo di Pejo - Home
We had to get up very early as breakfast was at 4.45am. We said goodbye to Giulio and got on the bus to Bolzano. The route back was slightly different than on the way to Bolzano: we had to switch trains at Innsbruck, then München and next in Frankfurt. In Arnhem the first people got off the train and the rest we said goodbye in Utrecht. by 9pm we arrived home.
For those interested, the Google Earth .kmz file and the GPS TrackMaker .gtm file can be downloaded too: