Austria - Stubaital - SNP - July 2012

Below you will find a list of pictures, taken on our Stubaital trip in Austria from July 14 2012 to July 21 2012. It was arranged through SNP, but an idividual tour. Originally Arjen's stepfather Peter would join, but he had to stay home so our brother-in-law Jack took his place. In a hurry? Just want to see the pictures? Check out the slide show.

July 14: Home - Kampl / Neustift im Stubaital

Just after 5.30am we started driving. Not early enough to avoid all traffic jams. Because of the rain and traffic jams due to road constructions, we arrived at hotel Steuxner around 4.15pm. After freshing up we went into Kampl. Kampl was so small, we decided to drive to Neustift. After we arrived back in the hotel, we started planning our trip for the next day. After dinner at the hotel we walked to the village fair in Kampl. Not our thing, so we headed back to the hotel.

July 15: Kampl - Elferhütte - Elferspitze - Autenalm - Kampl

After breakfast we drove to the lift of the Neustift Talstation (980m / 3,267ft). Around 8.45am we took that up to 1.790m / 5,967ft. We watched some paragliders and then walked up to the Elferhütte and then on to the Elferspitze (2.205m / 7,350ft). By then we were walking in the clouds / rain. On the other side we walked down via the Zwölfernieder to the Autenalm (1.665m / 5,550ft). We had a drink and continued our way down. Around 3.30pm we arrived back at the car. We drove back to the hotel where we made plans for the next day while enjoying a weizen beer.

July 16: Kampl - Fulpmes - Kreuzjoch - Fulpmes - Kampl

We drove to Fulpmes and took the lift up to the Kreuzjoch (2.100m / 7,000ft). We walked to the Sennjochhütte and from there up to the Niederer Burgstall and Hoher Burgstall. We got all the way to the top at the cross (2.611m / 8,703ft). We couldn't see anything because of the clouds. From there we walked to the Starkenburger Hütte where we had lunch. We walked a different route back to the Sennjochhütte and back to the Kreuzjoch. We had a well-earned beer before we took the lift back down to Fulpmes. We did some shopping and back at the hotel we packed our luggage for the trekking.

July 17: Kampl - Eisgrat Station (2.850m / 9,500ft) - Dresdner Hütte (2.308m / 7,693ft)

We dropped off our luggage in the storage room, walked to the bakery to get some bread and then went to the bus stop. It was very busy in the bus, almost all the way up to the final stop at Mutterbergalm. We took the lift to the top of the Stubaier Glacier (3.210m / 10,700ft). We spent some time looking around at the viewpoint. We could see as far as the Marmolada Glacier in Italy. From there we went back down to the Eisgrat Station (2.850m / 9,500ft). We had tea/cappuccino and then started walking down to the Dresdner Hütte. As they are very busy creating more slopes for skiing, this was not a very beautiful scenery to be walking in. Around 1pm we arrived at the lodge (2.308m / 7,693ft). After checking in, Patricia and Jack made another walk to the Egesensee and the Egesengrat (2.630m / 8,767ft). We had a beer outside on the terrace. After dinner we did some reading and board games.

July 18: Dresdner Hütte (2.308m / 7,693ft) - Sulzenauhütte (2.191m / 7,303ft)

We didn't take the route the organisation suggested, in stead we took the high route via the Großer Trögler (2.902m / 9,673ft). Around 10.15am we reached the top. We had clear skies and a wonderful view. Arjen managed to take a picture using his work Blackberry and send it to his colleagues. The way down was quite steep. Some parts were "via ferrata", but never so steep we needed to hook up to the line. Via the Blaue Lacke (Blue Lake) we arrived at the Sulzenauhütte (2.191m / 7,303ft). Arjen and Patricia spent the afternoon reading / laying in the sun. We had a great dinner where we met a Dutch family we'd also seen at our hotel in Kampl. Around 9.45pm we went to sleep (in a matrassenlager).

July 19: Sulzenauhütte (2.191m / 7,303ft) - Nürnbergerhütte (2.605m / 8,683ft)

Before 8 we were on our way again. We took the advanced route via the Niederl (2.629m / 8,763ft). A lovely area with quite a few lakes. The last bit up was quite steep. At 9.30 we were already at the top. We then went straight down to the Nürnbergerhütte and arrived at 10.30. A bit too early to stop, so we dropped off our luggage and continued to the Freigersee and onwarts to a ridge (hoping to find a glacier lake behind it, but alas) at 2.605m / 8,683ft. By then the sky was overcast and on the way down we had a few drops of rain. By 2pm we arrived back at the lodge. Around 6pm we had dinner (delicious!). After that we played some board games (they seem to have these in all lodges).

July 20: Nürnbergerhütte (2.605m / 8,683ft) - Kampl, Innsbruck

Like the days before, we were already walking before 8. It was quite foggy. Apparently the type of weather some peculiar type of lizzard (totally shiny black) really likes. Around 10 we arrived at the bus stop from where we took the bus back to the hotel. We checked in and took a shower. By noon we were on our way to Innsbruck. We had lunch there (and a beer) and did some shopping / siteseeing. After dinner we concluded that it was for the best the walking had come to an end as Patricia's knee was swollen...

July 21: Stubaital - Home

We started driving after breakfast and arrived home (Jack's place) around dinner time because of quite a few traffic jams (mostly because of badly planned road constructions). After dinner we went back to our own place.