Tips for raising funds for a good cause
List of ideas
About 9 years ago I was working for a big consulting firm. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, the UK office sent out a corporate wide message asking who would would participate in a trek to Everest Base Camp to raise money for VSO's programme to provide edcuation to ALL Nepali children.
As Nepal had a special place in my heart from even before I ever visited the country, I like to hike in the mountains and most importantly, I feel that if the youth are educated, poverty will eventually disappear.
So I read the rules (every particpant would have to raise a minimum amount to cover for costs of the organisation of the trek (or pay for it themselves), decided I would pay for the trek myself and signed up. Then we had our first call with someone from VSO to learn more about fundraising. We got some great tips (I have included the ones I remembered in the list below) but also were told to use our imagination. While on the trek (we were with about
Step 1: Set up a fundraising page
Set up acocunts to receive payments from people (and companies) who can't (or perhaps don't want to) give you cash. As the UK office was running this initiative, they advised us to use as they already supported raising funds for VSO. However, there are more. Here's a short list I could come up with, but there might be local platforms for your country too. Some allow you to raise funds for organisations they have a relatoinship with, others are more flexible. Please check the individual platform for possible restrictions. Once the page has been set up, you can point everyone to the site in case cash is not an option / undesirable.
Step 2: Action! - A list of ideas
Step 3: Tax refund
In my country (and in many I know) you can get a tax return (probably your cause has to be on a list of organisations your country recognizes as a good cause and there's likely to be a threshold; check your tax officer!). This money you can also donate to the good cause again.